Our Story

This is us

 We have lived in this area our entire lives. Scott is a bowyer of long bows (Best Friend Longbows). He guides/coaches others in experiencing success with traditional archery. Rebecca is a Healing Touch/Qest4 Practitioner/Intuitive Art Therapist. Our family enjoys art, wildlife watching, archery, bowhunting, creek stomping and just being outdoors.  

It has been exciting to share our love of Northeast Iowa through the experiences of travelers and the guests that have stayed at the suites. Elkader and Northeast Iowa are full of treasures. From preserved history to imagined history; there are historic buildings, farm utilities, and centuries of memorabilia along the bluffs, rolling hills, effigies, wildlife and rivers. We provide a Simply Peaceful place to stay.  

Scott and Rebecca Rentschler, Innkeepers  

Mailing Address:  Volga, IA  52077  

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The Building

About the Structure

 Cedar St. Suites came to fruition in 2006. This building was originally built in 1869 as a Methodist Church.  It was built on the block south of Central Community School (then the Elkader Public School). The building then stood as a white frame church.  At that location it also served as a schoolhouse.  In 1898, it was moved to its present site, closer to downtown. Story has it the move took three weeks to go the two blocks with the aid of a team of horses and a “jack”.  The building was stuck in the mud for a week a half block away from its destination. 


In 1906 the building became the Frieden’s Evangelical church, and a brick veneer was installed. Frieden’s Evangelical moved to its current location in 1923 and is now Peace United Church of Christ. The building was sold in 1928 however it stood in the appearance of a church until the 1950’s.  Some of the furnishings were kept by that owner and placed in Witt’s Funeral Home, what is now Leonard-Grau Funeral Home.  Many people and businesses made their home in the building over the next 40 years, including government offices, family physicians, and upstairs apartments.  We purchased the property in 2003. Gradually we have restored the building to proper honor.  We desire for many people to enjoy the peacefulness and simplicity of the building. With that in mind we have been gradually converting our apartments into guest suites.  Elkader has many buildings that have served a significant value in the history of the town.  Enjoy the scenery, shops, entertainment establishments, churches, and restaurants.  Thank you for your visit!